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What Cancer Cannot Do

Cancer cannot cripple love,
it actually makes it overflow.
Cancer cannot shatter hope,
it actually clarifies what hope is for.
Cancer cannot corrode faith,
it actually strengthens faith’s convictions.
Cancer cannot conquer the spirit
because courage faces cancer’s affliction.

If what you do is what you love
you’ll never have to work a day in your life
-D’Marco Ray Smith

Written & Produced by Stevie Joseph
Vocals by Stevie Joseph, Rosalyn Pauley and Jarred Rogers


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D’Marco Ray Smith was born on January 6, 1973 to his parents Annie Mae Henderson and Calvin Smith, Jr. At the age of 10 years old, D’Marco lost his mother to colon cancer. Anita Smith proudly took over the care of D’Marco as his full time mom. D’Marco had the strong support from his siblings Monica, Calvin, Robert and Celia as they are up in Los Angeles, California. D’Marco was a quiet reserved child that embraced his creativity, which he used in building remote control cars and later grew to building fully functional vehicles.

After graduating high school, D’Marco enlisted into the US Army. He actively served 3 1/2 years that took him traveling across the US and Africa. The discipline he learned in the Army influenced his work and exercise regimens, including studying the art of Brazilian Ju-jitsu. Upon his honorable discharge from the military, D’Marco attended the University of Southern California. He dove into the art of filmmaking resulting in a film he directed called “Game” starring Billy D. Williams. While editing his movie, D’Marco took on the responsibility of raising a healthy dog he named Napalm. Napalm became a big part of his life and the future inspiration for his sound company. In 1998, D’Marco graduated from the USC School of Cinema with a bachelor in Film. D’Marco jumped into the trenches of working as a production assistant for the entertainment industry. He moved onto nurturing a career in sound mixing building a company called Napalm Sound.

Working in the film industry brought him to incredible sights, travels and people. In 2007, traveling for work to New York City began an exciting and important journey in his life. D’Marco began his relationship with Kristal. He was later diagnosed with kidney cancer in April 2008, and shortly after D’Marco lost his father to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. D’Marco then began his firght taking on continuous rounds of chemotherapy. D’Marco and Kristal both realized how precious every moment in time is. Their love blossomed into a beautiful relationship of love, support, and friendship. They did not let his cancer take over their lives; instead, they saw it as an ongoing battle encouraging strong will and nurturing their bond with God. D’Marco proposed 13 months later. They married August 22, 2009 and are expecting their first child June 4, 2010.

D’Marco was an amazingly honest and responsible young man. He had a very clam soul; quiet and observant, yet he lit up a room when he walked in. He was the man to go to when you needed a trustworthy confidant. He enjoyed challenging his body in difficult activities such as Ju-jitsu, running, cycling and weight lifting. He enjoyed watching movies, telling stories and listening to soundtracks. He loved watching football especially The USC Trojans. He loved meditating to relaxing music but his music of choice was 80’s hip-hop. His fight in God kept his will strong and made him optimistic with everything he went through.

D’Marco is survived by his loving wife Kristal and their unborn child; his step-mom Anita; brothers Calvin III and Robert Brandon & wife Anna; sisters Monica Lanise and Celia Briauana; God-brother David; and a host of aunts, uncles and cousins.

You are so loved and missed.

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